Brunton SolarRoll Rollable Solar Panel

The next-generation SolarRoll is the ultimate in portable power! To use, just unroll the durable, UV transparent, waterproof CIGS (copper indium gallium diselenide) panel. The SolarRoll begins harvesting solar energy immediately. For added power, link multiple units together. The flexible solar panel can be draped across almost any surface – the roof of a tent, the hood of a vehicle, etc. The SolarRoll is only 3" in diameter when rolled down and stored in the included tube. A multi cable and vehicle outlet adapter cable are included for use with different devices.

SolarRoll 9 Solar Panel Ideal for running cell phones and charging digital and video cameras. Max. Output: 9W (15.4 Volts/600 mA). Dimensions: 12" x 40" Open

SolarRoll 14 Solar Panel For running satellite phones and charging laptops. Max. Output: 14W (15.4 Volts/900 mA). Dimensions: 12" x 57" Open.

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