Gentle Giant Tongs Designed for heavy-bodied snakes, these tongs have a 2-1/4" wide gentle grip that spreads the pressure over a wider area on the snake's body without squeezing down on or between a rib and causing injury. Total Length: 40". Collapsible Model: Folds to 22"L.


M-1 Series Tongs The 1" wide jaw of these tongs makes them easier to manipulate in small crevices or other tight spots. Also great for smaller-bodied snakes. Total Length: 40"L or 52"L. Collapsible Model: 40"L, folds to 22"L.

Reptile Tongs

Collect reptiles with less danger using these lightweight aluminum tongs. Broad convex jaws provide maximum holding pressure with minimal risk of damage to reptile. Manufacturer’s Warning: Do not use aluminum poles around electrical lines or equipment. Electrical shock may result.



Collapsible Reptile Tongs These tongs fold to 22" long for carrying in a backpack or to keep under the seat of your vehicle.

Snake Hook

Standard 44-1/2" snake hook is designed for the safe handling of snakes, keeping them at a secure distance from handler. Club shaft is constructed of sturdy chrome plated steel with a stainless steel hook and a non-slip rubber grip.

Collapsible Hook Collapses from a total length 39-1/2" to 17-3/4" for convenient carrying.

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